Coronavirus has had a significant impact on our lives, from social distancing to shopping habits, and everything in between. The way we shop has changed and will likely change again when things become more normal.

Online shopping has seen a shift, but there has been a shift in the types of products people buy. We’ll take a look at how our shopping habits have changed and how it will affect shopping when things get closer to normal.

Online Shopping was Big!

Online shopping is great if you want to stay indoors. It’s easy to see why, with minimal contact. People were encouraged to book a regular slot as supermarket delivery slots were quickly booked up at the start of the pandemic.

This was not just an increase in online retail, but a shift in the products we bought. It was difficult to travel abroad in 2020. Many holiday plans had to be changed. Since then, travel has returned with a greater focus on UK holidaying. Tourists looking to staycation in the UK’s coast areas were very interested.

However, there was a significant increase in demand for garden and home products. You want your home to be beautiful, especially if you spend so much time there. Many people took the time to learn how to garden. It was a great way of reducing the need to go to the supermarket, and it also proved to be a fun and therapeutic hobby.

We tried new hobbies

Some people feel bored being stuck inside, so people began to get creative. People started to buy tools and other creative equipment after learning apps saw a huge increase in popularity. Streaming services became so popular that they were unable to keep up with the demand.

Subscription boxes are a great way for people to save time and stock up on essentials and extras. You can also order new essentials from Amazon with just one click.

A second interesting trend was the decrease in formal wear. There was less demand for smart clothing as a lot more people are working remotely. You are more likely to wear your dress to work if you have the option.

Take-outs were popular as well, but there was also an increase in demand for gym equipment. It made sense, as gyms were closed at the outbreak of the pandemic. However, memberships are no longer necessary as people have all the gear they need at home.

Shop in-Store: New Shopping Habits

We saw a lot of people trying to get the basics, but shops became quieter once the lockdown began. The majority of shops were closed. However, supermarkets remained open with some guidelines to help you shop. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer were not available at first. These products quickly became more popular over time.

It is important to adhere to social distancing rules while at the store. You must also wear masks when you shop in the UK. New barriers exist between customers and cashiers. There are max capacities, which can lead to queuing and a greater focus on contactless payments. The shopping experience is quite different.

You should also limit your contact with the product. It’s no longer acceptable to touch the products. In some cases, you can bypass the cashier altogether by shopping at stores. You can further reduce contact by bringing a bag with you and using “scan and fly” systems.

We’ve seen a lot of delivery services taking over take-out. Many restaurants are turning to delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo to get their food to customers. This includes restaurants that used to be eat-in only and, in some cases, Michelin-starred restaurants.

People have ordered take-out throughout the lockdown. There’s now a shift to eating out, with many restaurants offering discounts from Monday to Wednesday under the “Eat Out to Help Out” offer.

Moving Forward: Changes in our Shopping Habits

Although the nationwide lockdown has been less severe, local lockdowns are now the norm. People are more aware of their actions in-store. It’s likely that we will see face masks, social distancing and hand sanitization stations becoming more commonplace.

It’s clear that COVID-19 had an impact on retailers. Some stores had to close, while others needed some help. There is a possibility that these stores will close and smaller independent retailers will take their place. Online shopping will likely continue.

The Coronavirus’s impact on the environment was an unexpected benefit. We saw the real benefits of reducing carbon emissions by having fewer cars on the roads, and fewer planes in the air. Many people began to do their part to live more sustainably after seeing this.

It can be anything from cycling to sustainable products. This is a trend that will likely continue for many people. The brands are also taking a more thoughtful approach to their products. The supply chain, packaging and item themselves are all being considered. Check out our article about eco-friendly options for some ideas.

Many people have taken the time to think and made better decisions. This has reflected in our shopping habits and self-improvement. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to learn new skills or reducing your waste, or if you prefer eco-friendly products. This will likely have a significant impact on how we shop in the future.