It’s worth the effort to find simple ways to replace everyday products with more effective lifestyle choices that have a significant impact. There are many ways to spend your money in a way which helps the environment. These can lead to long-term savings. Take a look at your shopping habits and make any adjustments this summer. It’s possible to live a more sustainable life than you think.

Get on Your Bike for an Environmentally-Friendly Commute

Nothing is worse than driving to work only to get stuck in traffic. A long line of cars emitting pollutants into the atmosphere is not good for the environment. You can solve these problems with a bicycle. A bike can also help you save money on vehicle costs.

You can save a lot of money by cycling to work. You can also skip the long lines and save time. The 3 th June is World Bicycle Day. This is the perfect time to make the switch. You can ensure that you have all the gear you need for your commute with our guide on bicycle essentials.

It’s not just good for the environmentally-friendly, but you can increase your cardiovascular fitness and work on your strength and flexibility to boot. Make sure you are familiar with the rules of the road and have enough safety gear. Halfords has you covered.

Energy Efficient Apps

You should check the product’s energy efficiency before you buy new kitchen appliances. This rating is based on how large the appliance is and how much electricity it will cost over the year. It’s better to only buy what you really need than to go big. A larger fridge freezer may have a higher energy rating but it could just be due to its size. It may not actually be cheaper to operate.

Ratings for energy efficiency go up to A +++.. While an A rating may look great on the sticker, it is likely that you can do better. You’ll also see a significant reduction in your annual energy bill. has a great selection of white goods and appliances that are energy-efficient.

Not only big kitchen appliances can make a difference but even the smallest things can be helpful. You can make your home more energy-efficient by using lightbulbs that are energy-efficient, as well as turning off electronics rather than leaving them on standby. Also, you can run your washer at a lower temperature. Take a moment to ensure that everything is turned off before you go out of the house.

Environmentally-Friendly & Sustainable Clothing

It’s a great way for you to feel good and look good by adorning your wardrobe with ethical, sustainable clothing. It’s becoming more popular as companies and consumers become more aware of the environment and try to minimize the impact that production has on the earth. It’s worth researching and looking for brands that make clothing in a sustainable manner.

Many big brands, such as ASOS and Boden, produce lines of ethically and sustainable clothing. They also know a lot about fashion. You can be sure you’ll do your part without sacrificing style. This clothing is eco-conscious in every way, from the material used to the production process.

Companies that sell clothing are not the only ones getting in on this action. There are brands out there dedicated to creating stylish and environmentally-friendly clothing options. The Good Trade has a great selection of ethical and sustainable clothing brands. This will allow you to make the right decision next time you go out to change up your style.

Buy Local Produce

Local produce can be a great way to save money and buy fresher products than those that have been shipped over from overseas. It also has other benefits. It helps local vendors. This is especially important considering that some retailers have been left with little to no income due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It doesn’t matter if you go to the butchers to get some local sausages or a bakery to buy some fresh bread. Or if you shop at your local market for handmade accessories, it all helps. You’ll also find less plastic packaging, which is a good thing for the environment.

Indirectly supporting the development of public services in your locality by investing in local businesses can be a great way to invest. You’ll not only make the planet more beautiful by reducing imports but also support local tax-paying businesses, and improve your community.

Buy Environmentally-Friendly Products

You can do a lot for the planet by paying attention to the impact of your products on the environment and what you should be looking out for. It doesn’t matter if you switch to organic produce or you choose sustainable fashion lines. Or if you purchase energy-efficient kitchen equipment, all of these things make a huge difference in your carbon footprint.

We have an article about eco-friendly actions you can take. To see the impact Coronavirus lockdowns have had on our environment and to learn what we can do to improve our impact, read our article.