Coca Cola says the holidays are near. For most, that means opening a few gifts and enjoying a drink in the afternoon. Then it’s time to feast on a delicious turkey with all the usual side dishes like gravy and pigs in blankets.

What about vegetarians? How does the dinner table look when you remove all of those meaty delights? We’re going to be looking at vegetarian Christmas dinners, and the many ways that you can make them wonderful and festive.

There are many ways to make Christmas special without having to sacrifice your dietary preferences. There are many delicious options for meat-free alternatives. Let’s take a look at some vegetarian Christmas dinner options.

Vegetarian Christmas Starters

Everyone has their own rituals and you have to start somewhere. Christmas Day is a day when everyone gets their taste buds tingling, regardless of whether you are the type who enjoys prawn cocktails or Quality Street.

There are many options for a Christmas Day starter that is meat-free. You can make simple, healthy salads with pine nuts and goat’s cheese or delicious tarts with caramelised onions or mushrooms. We often think of leftovers as things like Bubble & Squeak and leftover sandwiches when we talk about leftovers. What if you prepared your vegetables ahead of time? You can make a light soup or vegan spring rolls with the leftovers.

Iceland can help you create a delicious feast of baked goods that you simply need to bake. You don’t have to do all the work. BBC Good Food has a wealth of great vegetarian starters to get you started on Christmas.

Vegetarian Turkey Alternatives

You have a lot of options when it comes to what the centerpiece of your vegetarian Christmas dinner should be. You can make a Christmas wellington with mushrooms and other delicious ingredients, or you can go plant-based from Marks & Spencer. You can easily find a turkey substitute these days and they are often cheaper than the traditional turkey crown.

You can make your own turkey substitute by using tofu or cauliflower, lentils, mushrooms, and other vegetable sources. You can make it into a loaf shape and bake it in the oven. Or you can use it to make falafels. You can find a delicious vegan turkey recipe using tofu over at The Hidden Veggies. It’s delicious and looks great!

A Quorn roast is a quick and cost-effective way to make a delicious turkey alternative. You can make one in about 45 minutes and they are available at Asda. They are easy to bake, so you can concentrate on the side dishes and cater for everyone in your family.

Side Dishes to Make a Vegan Christmas Dinner

Everyone has their favourite side dishes, from honey-roasted parsnips to pan-fried sprouts to roast potatoes and the essential stuffing. This is where vegetarian Christmas dinner shines. You can’t go wrong with vegetables! Vegetarian stuffing is easy to make. You only need some vegetables stock, mushrooms, onions, garlic and eggs to make a new batch of BBC Good Foods’ vegetarian Christmas stuffing recipe.

Roast potatoes are another great option for vegetarians. You don’t even need goose fat. Instead, you can use butter or olive oil to make some delicious vegan roast potatoes. You can start to see the results when you combine it with a delicious vegetarian gravy from Sainsburys. You can even add some Yorkshire puddings to the mix! Although it might not be a traditional practice in all households, it is okay to break the rules every now and again.

You can still fill the gap left by the absence of pigs under blankets with more vegetables, but you can also find great meat-free options at Tesco. You won’t miss anything with some vegan sausages or plant-based bacon. To add smoky flavor to your greens, you can fry your fake bacon with the sprouts.

Vegetarian Christmas Desserts

Dessert is the best option for those who love sweet treats. Vegetarians will not have any trouble finding meat-free desserts. It’s possible to make everything from mince pies and Yule logs to trifles, and even those essential Christmas puddings. What about vegans? What if you don’t want butter, cream, eggs, or milk near your festive pudding?

Olive Magazine’s list of top vegan Christmas desserts is here so you don’t have to worry about what they contain. You can indulge in your sweet tooth with vegan blueberry meringue, vegan sticky toffee, cupcakes, brownies, and many other desserts. What if you don’t want to spend time making Christmas desserts?

If you are looking for vegan treats, The Vegan Kind is the right place. They have everything from huge festive cookies and chocolate hampers (a great gift idea for vegans), to cookie dough-filled reindeers and many more. This is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a simple and hassle-free treat on your big day.

Festive drinks for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegetarians will find it much easier to enjoy Christmas drinks. You can enjoy eggnog, vodka and cranberry or hot chocolate. Vegans are more difficult to please so avoid cream drinks such as Irish cream. You can also skip the milk and enjoy gingerbread hot chocolate with water. You can also substitute it with coconut milk.

You should make sure to add plenty of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. These spices are perfect for adding festive flavour to your drink. You can still enjoy Christmas spirit, regardless of whether you are having a drink at dinner or sticking with the cocoa.

My Vegan has something healthier for plant-based dietters who want to get on the ground in 2022. You can add a variety of supplements to your festive drinks to get you started on your New Year’s Resolutions.

The Perfect Vegan Christmas Dinner

We hope that you have a lot of ideas to help you prepare for your visit to family or to cook your Christmas dinner. There are plenty of delicious options for your holiday feast, whether you make it from scratch or look at the vegan section in your local supermarket.

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