When it comes to winter activities, nothing can beat skiing the slopes or snowboarding down one of the great runs Canada has to offer. Our many parks, resorts and clubs are just a short car ride (or a plane trip) away.

If this is your first time skiing, it can be daunting to be faced with all the snow, cold and chill. Be prepared with the right thermal under clothing. While it’s tempting to dress fashionably, but under-dress to flaunt your ski fashions–don’t be fooled. You need the right base layer for skiing.

Here are some ways to find a balance between fashion and function:

Get the perfect thermal bodysuit

One of the best ways to look the part for skiing, and to stay warm, is to find a ‘Onesie’ or the perfect base layer one-piece bodysuit. Finding winter wear for women is easier said than done, but we’ve got you covered.

With the ‘Flipped Bodysuit’ from Winter Woolies, you get a great way to insulate, look slim and unique when hitting every slope you can!

Look for items that keep things secure, and look good

The last thing you want to happen on the slopes is to lose any valuables. With the distance and the kilometres of white snow, it’ll be hard to recover whatever you lose. Find items that are stylish, but also provides functional Velcro or zippered pockets.

A perfect example of winter wear for boys and girls going skiing for the first time is the Fergie Hoodie Top. With new ‘Shadow Pockets’ ideal for ID storage, a key card, or a cell phone, nothing can stop childish fun on the slopes; no matter the age of your child, tween–or even the kid in you!

Find layers for winter

Layering in winter will always be the rule of thumb to follow. This means if you have the perfect cable-knit sweater for lodge-time, you’ll also need to have the perfect base layer shirt underneath to tie it all together. The colour blocking of the Harlequin top from Winter Woolies is a great option. With visual interest, while also being a neutral black and white colour, this thermal top for women provides a perfect accent to wear under a colourful (but warm) sweater.

Skin and eye protection

Often overlooked for just normal winter activities, the sun can still be a burden on overcast days or even the chilliest winter days. Opt for an SPF for any exposed skin while enjoying skiing. Or, any winter outdoor fun that means hours outside.

Also, don’t forget protective eyewear. Eyes can be damaged by intense sunlight and sun reflecting off the snow. Be sure to find UV protective goggles and wear sunglasses on bright days at all times.


You don’t want to forget hats, mitts, toques or earmuffs while getting ready for the slopes. Ski racing protective gear, such as goggles, warm socks and even helmets (for snowboarders) are also a necessity. While these are great ways to finish your skiing or snowboarding outfit, the crucial element is that these will make the hours on any hill much more possible.

To make this level of accessorising even easier, did you know that you get a free gift from Winter Woolies with every order? It’s true! Nestled in your shipment you’ll find a thermal headband, a neck warmer or even a pair of Shox Sox. A gift from us. Way cool!

Are you ready for your ski adventure? Thermal clothing for skiing is a necessity, especially when the weather gets extra cold!

We hope this piece informed you about how to protect yourself from head-to-toe. Clothing is one piece, but we hope this post also educates you about eye and skin protection so you can get outside.